Folks have asked us to explain our no day or night visitors policy.

We offer a pleasant quite atmosphere for all our guests. No wedding receptions with folks coming and going. No small children. No barking dogs. Its all about our guests. Not just a few.

As for profitability. You book a cabin for two and have four or more un-registered guests certainly is not profitable for us. These same folks are renting  a cheap motel in town and enjoying our facility at no charge.     You ask what additional costs.    Additional Water, Heat, AC, Electricity, Sewerage disposal, Paper products, White goods, Garbage removal, Wear and tear on the building. Parking is also a very big problem.

You want guest, then have them stay with us. Remember we are a resort, with cooking facilities unlike a motels with none. Are basic costs are much higher due to cooking in cabins.

A couple times a month we are asked to rent a cabin for one night so folks can have a wedding reception. Folks think we are so desperate for business we will do anything for a fast buck. Sure we like the business, and the extra bucks, but not at the cost of our other guests.

You can have two additional guest, but they must be registered and a fee of $50.00 per day is charged. But only in cabins 1-2-4. 

If you would like to have a friend or two drop by to pick you up, fine.

Fred, Lucy and Liz